Raid web console 2 установка

Raid web console 2 установка

Intel has a linux compiled version for RedHat based systems in the download center, but it can be installed on Debian based systems too.

First download the linux version for your architecture using the link above and unzip the zip file to a specific folder.

Now, we are going to install alien tool to convert rpm packages to deb packages.

cd into raid_web_console directory and convert rpm files to deb.

And finally install new deb files

And that’s all, now, you can launch the console using this command:

One thought to “Installing Intel Raid Web Console 2 on Ubuntu”

I’ve had to recently try this on my Ubuntu install. I know, it’s been quite a while since you published this but I wanted to ask if you had any tips on my issue. I’m able to get it installed but when I launch the web console I don’t see the local server and just get the message “server could not be found because server may be down or server not installed in the host system”. Think I missed something?

Thanks for any help you can provide on such an old post!

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Для мониторинга состояния RAID массивов и жестких дисков на серверных материнских платах от компании Intel удобно пользоваться утилитой RAID Web Console 2.

Открываем утилиту RAID Web Console 2.

Нажимаем на кнопку Configure Host и конфигурируем утилиту в нужном качестве. В данном случае выбираем локальную настройку, а не в качестве сервера или клиента

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Кликаем два раза по выбранному хосту и вводим пароль администратора.

Открывается окно с полнейшим отображением информации массивов и дисков, находящихся в данной системе.

Выбираем Tools -> Monitor Configure Alerts.

Открывается окно Configure Alerts.

Переходим на вкладку Mail Server. Заполняем поля с настройками своего почтового сервера.

Переходим на вкладку Email и вводим почтовый адрес получателя. Затем нажимаем на кнопку Test, для тестирования настроек.

При правильных настройках выйдет уведомление о удачной отсылке сообщения.

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What am I seeing?

I’m unable to monitor a RAID array from a Windows Virtual Machine running in a VMware ESXi* server.

What is included in the environment?

  • Hardware Intel® RAID Controllers
  • VMware ESXi (5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5) already installed and in production

Considering that ESXi is already installed and in production, proceed as outlined below:

Verify that the hostname is not localhost. If the hostname of your machine is already different, make sure to write it down as you are going to need it later on. If you have not changed it, you need to:

  1. Press to enter the Customize System/View Logs. Authentication is required. Enter the root password.
  2. Scroll the arrows to Configure Management Network. The current hostname and IP address are displayed on the right side of the screen. Press key to enter the network management configuration.
  3. Scroll the arrow to DNS configuration. Current DNS configuration information is displayed on the right side of the screen. Press key to the DNS configuration screen.
  4. Scroll the arrow to Hostname, and then enter the new hostname.
  5. Press key to exit the DNS configuration. A restart is required. Press key to save the changes.
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After you change the hostname, you need to enable to ESXi Shell and ESXi SSH:

  • The default status of the ESXi Shell is disabled as is shown in the figure below:
  • Press key to enable the EXSi Shell.
  • The default status of the ESXi SSH is disabled as is shown in the figure below:
  • Press key to enable the ESXi SSH.

After you verify that the requirements mentioned above are met, download and install Intel® RAID Web Console 2 (RWC2) on the Windows Virtual machine that you will use to monitor the RAID.

After you download Intel® RAID Web Console 2, verify the I/O processor model** of the Intel® RAID Controller being used or the LSI* chipset of the embedded Intel® RAID Controller of the Intel® Server Board. See the example below from our Product Specifications page:

Note: To sort by the I/O Processor model, refer to the Product Specifications Advanced Search.

Search for an Intel® RAID Controller with the same RAID-on-Chip controller as the Intel® RAID Controller or the embedded RAID you will use, go to downloads, select driver tab, and search for the MR VMware driver. See the examples below:

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Raid web console 2 установка
Intel has a linux compiled version for RedHat based systems in the download center, but it can be installed on...
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